These resources for educators have been compiled from submissions by network teachers and alumni, as well as external allies.

This list will continuously be updated as we receive new resources. If you’d like to submit additional resources, please use this form. 

Please note that all of the resources included here were independently submitted to Teach For All. We encourage you to evaluate and use them at your own discretion.

Look at this tool to make lesson planning more seamless and effective for all educators. The Lesson Plan Generator is simple to use, aligned with the approach followed at Teach For India, and allows for customization according to the needs of the curriculum. Simply select the grade, subject, and Bloom verb. Briefly describe the topic you want to cover, and you´re done!

The Lesson Plan Generator will give you a lesson plan with a clear Objective for the class, an interesting intro, engaging activities, and scaffolded questions for students to practice. Let us know what you think and how to improve the quality of the output. Your feedback will help refine the tool and make it even more valuable for educators.

This ebook showcases the best practices of school leadership of school leaders (students, teachers and, principals) in India. It is a testament to the impact our programs have had on the leaders we work with. We believe that these practices will inspire and guide others on their own educational leadership journey. 

When the global pandemic began, staff, teachers, and alumni of Teach For All network partners leveraged their leadership to ensure that students were safe and could continue learning. Stories, strategies, and successes shared across the global network helped to accelerate impact and drive innovation. Network partners continued to redesign and implement new ways of working, teaching, and learning. Many of these discoveries are informing their work far beyond distance learning. As such, we posed this question to the network: “What are you learning from the crisis?” We listened to teachers, teacher coaches, senior leaders, and alumni across our network to understand their experiences and the lessons they’ve learned. We then synthesized them into insights and examples around three questions:

  1. How can technology continue to make teaching and learning more accessible for teachers and students? in ArabicEnglishFrenchRussianSpanish
  2. How can teaching and learning continue to be grounded in the real needs of students and a learner-centered approach? in ArabicEnglishFrenchRussianSpanish
  3. How can a wider community of stakeholders continue to contribute to engage in the education of students? in ArabicEnglishFrenchRussianSpanish

Cuenteach es una plataforma liderada por alumni hispanohablantes de la red de Teach For All en donde comparten experiencias docentes a través de blogs, podcasts y conexiones virtuales para intercambiar aprendizajes. Visita su página web y únete al grupo de Facebook!

Free resources for teachers to use in their classroom to teach students to code on any device, including mobile phones.

Watch this introductory workshop to get started. 

Educación Revolucionaria is a new educational podcast featuring interviews and roundtables with Empieza por Educar's alumni, participants and staff members. New episodes drop every week on topics such as emotional education, sociopolitical identity and coaching. Listen to their episodes here and follow them on Instagram!

Written by observation experts together with teachers from different countries, these annotated classroom videos aim to support teachers to engage with the complexities and challenges of the classroom whilst spurring a global dialogue on how to foster deep and rich understanding in mathematics. See them all here

Elementary School Free Math Resources

"Math-at-Play" offers free worksheets to make math fun and easy to learn through a sports-based curriculum for grades 1, 3, and 5 (working on more topic-specific worksheets for the remaining elementary grades).

Education Above All is developing a 3 month education package to support learning and growth during this difficult transitional period for Afghan refugee children, globally.  It is a collection of cost-free, technology-free and low-resource requiring learning materials for different levels of learners for 4 – 15 year olds that have been designed specifically for the Afghan children and are available in Dari – Pashto – English.

The play and activity-based month 1 content focuses on learning survival English, supporting socio-emotional needs, and getting comfortable with other members in the camps/accommodation.

The content-suite includes the following:

  1. English - Dari and English - Pashto Flashcards to learn important English words. 
  2. Survival English Package - engaging activities and games that help build survival English vocabulary (available in Pashto and Dari, with audio instructions too)
  3. Socio-Emotional Learning - a program to equip children with the tools and exercises to positively cope with the new changes and manage their emotions in a healthy manner. 
  4. Life Skills Package - project-based learning resources to help children know more about health, budgeting, goal-setting, etc.
  5. Host Country Package - project-based learning resources to help children understand and assimilate their host country better. 
  6. For English speakers, we also have level-based Literacy and Numeracy Packages. 

Headspace is now free for all teens between the ages of 13–18 years old in the US. Click here  to learn more and access hundreds of meditations and mindfulness exercises to support students —for free!

Teach First´s Ambassadors in Business Network has launched this new podcast called "The Career Sphere" for students to learn about different career paths. Guest speakers so far have come from Vodafone, the NHS, Heathrow Airport and ITV News. Each episode comes with a supporting lesson resource for teachers to use as classwork or homework!

They’re inviting students to generate ideas to repair our planet. It’s inspired by The Earthshot Prize, a new global prize for the environment launched by Prince William.

Find out more and download the free Teacher Toolkit available in 8 languages here!